New Home Warranty

Recognising that our customers satisfaction is our priority every Stonewood home carries a full One Year Warranty. This warranty applies to both the construction methods and the materials used. Stonewood homes will repair without cost to the customer any defect from faulty construction or defective materials for a full one year from date of posession. This warranty is fully comprehensive and is over and above our Master Builders Guarantee.

The warranty does not apply to materials used for outside paths, fencing, driveways and plantings, however, as these items are not associated with the house. Under our warranty these items are additions, and as they are exposed to the elements of weather, that is outside our control, they are excluded from the warranty.

To further assist our customers in the speedy resolution of all warranty claims, you simply fill out the Warranty Claim Form and one of our representatives will respond within 24 hours of receipt of your claim or alternatively email any questions regarding warranty issues to

Master Builder Guarantee

Why a Master Build Guarantee?

The Guarantee covers three key areas:

  • Completion Cover
  • Builders Cover
  • Structural Cover

Due to our quest for continual improvement, we reserve the right to change any option or supplier without further notice - this may change final house price as well.