FAQ about Stonewood Homes

+ Can I go on site during construction?

There are a number of hazards associated with building your new home which, if not carefully managed, could cause serious injury or worse to those that encounter them. Stonewood Homes has a legal obligation to ensure that those hazards are identified and controlled.

During the construction of your new home a fence will be erected and secured around your site to ensure that only suitably qualified and authorised persons can access the site, and subsequently to ensure any hazards are contained within it.

Although we understand that it is your property, legally we are required to control the building site while your home is under construction. We still want you to be able to access the site and view the progress and we have some processes that will make it easier for you to do this.

+ When will we get a Code of Compliance Certificate?

Prior to handing the home over to you, a Notice of Inspection will have been completed by your Local Council.  This means your home has been completed to Code Compliance Stage as per the Building Consent requirements. 

Under the Building Act 2004, all Territorial Authorities have 20 working days to issue a Code of Compliance Certificate.  This does not preclude you from moving into your home but you should be aware that your Code of Compliance Certificate may not arrive prior to the expiration of this time frame.  If you are drawing down mortgage funds, your Bank will most likely require to see the Notice of Inspection, a copy of which your Project Supervisor will provide to you.

If you wish to take possession prior to the Code of Compliance Certificate having been issued, you will also be required to sign an Agreement under Section 364(2) of the Building Act 2004.  Please refer to clause 21 (Possession) of your Building Agreement.  Your Project Supervisor will give you this Agreement prior to handover.

+ What is a provisional sum?

A provisional sum is an amount of money that is recorded in your Building Agreement where we do not yet know the final cost, for example your kitchen.  Once your choices have been finalised and a price confirmed you will receive either a credit back or an invoice for the difference.  We will be happy to provide you with copies of any invoices received from suppliers should you so wish.

Typically your Building Agreement will provide provisional sums for:-

  • Foundation engineering/structural engineering services
  • Kitchen
  • Drainage
  • Utilities ie: power/water
  • Council fees

Foundations can be a vast unknown and until such time as a Soil Investigation Report is completed and an Engineering Report received, we are unable to formally evaluate the cost of foundations or land remediation.  

+ What is Master Build? How does Master Build Guarantee work?

As a Master Build building company, Stonewood Homes offers you a choice of Master Build Guarantees.  The three choices available offer a variety of protection against loss of deposit, non-completion of build, rot and fungal decay, defects in materials, workmanship and structural.  Cover will depend on the product and choices you select.

+ What about my insurance?

On handover our Builders Risk Insurance will expire and you will become responsible for insurance on the house (and your contents in that house) from that point onwards.  Please ensure you speak with your insurance company now to set up full comprehensive insurance cover on your home which needs to come into place as from the day of handover.  Your insurance company will be able to provide you with the expert advice you require to ensure the correct insurance is put in place.

+ What is Builders Risk Insurance?

Stonewood Homes Limited carries company risk and public liability insurance cover for the duration of the build period.  Once we hand the home over to you, that insurance will lapse and your private home insurance will take over.  You will need to make sure that you arrange insurance cover well ahead of your handover date so that when the time comes your cover will be in place immediately.

+ How long will it take to build my house?

From the signing of your Building Agreement and payment of your deposit through to completion of your home, you should allow between 44-47 weeks depending on the size and complexity of your home.  We can break these time frames down as follows, but please note these time frames are guidelines only.

After you have confirmed your final design, the Building Agreement is signed and you have paid your deposit:-

  • Up to 5 working days from signing of your Building Agreement to a handover meeting with your Client Liaison Officer
  • Depending on how many changes you make to your contract drawings and the impact of those on engineering requirements, up to 6 weeks for processing and administration in preparation for your Building Consent Application*
  • 6-10 weeks for the Council to issue your Building Consent
  • The time from uplift of Building Consent to onsite works beginning will be recorded in your Building Agreement
  • 20-22 weeks to complete building your home and handover to you
  • It can take up to 4 weeks for the Council to issue the Code Compliance Certificate
  • Please add up to 4 additional weeks if your home is in any part of the above process during Christmas

With the construction industry moving at its current rate, please be aware that some of these timeframes will be subject to change due to circumstances outside of our control.  We will always use our best endeavours to keep you informed of any delays that may arise.  Stonewoodconnect™ will provide you with up to date construction timelines once works on site are underway.  Please note a final handover date will not be available until after interior paint is completed. 

*Please note that we cannot apply for your Building Consent until all your changes/drawings are finalised and locked in

+ Once my plans are in Council, can I make any more changes to them?

The Building Act places strict responsibility on your Council to ensure that what is submitted for Building Consent is what is actually built.  As such, Stonewood will complete your home to the plans and specifications that have been submitted to the Council for Building Consent and no further changes will be allowed after the application is submitted. 

+ Once I have paid my deposit, how long does it take for my plans to go to Council?

Once you have paid your deposit and had your handover meeting with your Client Liaison Officer we will start to complete the detailed drawings, collect the site specific data and make final checks of all the paperwork so we can submit the Building Consent Application.  We estimate this will take between 5 and 6 weeks.  However, if you make any further changes to your plans or selections during this time, this time frame may extend and fees may be incurred.

+ How do we establish the building cost estimates for my house?

All square meterage rates are not created equally!   They are often a market measure but they seldom reflect your personal choices or your site specifications.  Stonewood Homes is one of the only building companies that will provide you with a pricelist.  We will transparently provide any additions or subtractions from the price based on your site specifications and any requests for changes to our existing plans.  Through discussion with your New Home Consultant we will be in a position to understand your needs and to give you a pricing band that your new home may fall into.